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Frequently asked questions

How long is the course?
You’re in the course until you’re hired. We work with you coaching you throughout the whole process (access to the course for 1 year)
Do I have to attend in person?
No, our course is 100% virtual and we record our meetings so if you can’t make it you can watch it later… It’s 100% go at your own pace…. We’ve helped plenty of overnight nurses/parents/ people with busy schedules break into the industry as the course is made for you to achieve it on your timeline.
If I’m in college when should I join?
6-12 months before graduation to help you stand out, have offers before you graduate, and come in with a higher salary than if you only started 2 months before. Yes, you can take this course while you’re still in college.
How much will I make in medical sales?
Our average student is coming into the industry at $94,478 in only 8.2 weeks of being in the course… which on average is over a 14X (1400%+) Return On Investment (ROI) in the first year.
Who's this course for?
Anyone who is coachable, hard-working, and committed.
How old do you have to be?
We’ve had students from 20-50+ years old get hired in Medical Sales through our course.
Do I need a degree?
No, a 4 year degree may offer more opportunities, but we’ve helped plenty of students break into the industry without a 4 year degree.
How do I afford the course?
We offer multiple payment options as well as funding. It’s an investment and should be looked at like so. Our average student is coming into the industry at $94,478 in only 8.2 weeks of being in the course… which on average is over a 14X (1400%+) Return On Investment (ROI) in the first year.
Do I need sales experience?
No, Sales experience may offer more opportunities, but a majority of our students break into the industry without sales experience.
Why your course?
Not only have I lived breaking into this industry without sales experience, I’ve been a top 10 performer at Medtronic, Became a Regional Sales Manager in under 2 years, while also helping over 1400+ others break into the industry (the journey has been documented) …. I can help you break in and have success because I live it everyday.
The details

What do you get?

Module 1

What do you need to know about Medical Device Sales

Module 2

Where should you work?

Module 3

Building your resume, profile 
& business plan to get hired

Module 4

How to tell your story

Module 5


Module 6

Interviewing prep

Module 7

Final interview/presentation - land that job

Module 8

What to expect once you get hired

Module 9

Final thoughts

What’s Included?

Self paced course with modules
Download PDF, videos and quizes
Weekly office hours with community and coaches
Mock interviews
and role plays
Coaching through the course
One year access
to course content

What our students say

Hey, I’m Jacob. A Medical Device Sales Manager, Coach, and Mentor.

My name is Jacob and I am a former personal trainer who was able to break into medical device sales with no prior sales experience. I received four job offers from top medical device companies and accepted a full-line sales rep (territory manager) role with one of the largest medical device companies in the world.

I took over the lowest-performing territory in the nation and grew it over 200% in under two years, becoming one of the top 10. Now, I am a Regional Sales Manager of the Western USA region for a Med Tech company. During this time, I also had the privilege of helping thousands of candidates break into medical device sales. No matter the background, I have been able to help individuals land their dream jobs with top companies.

Let me help you navigate the hiring process with proven strategies and advice that thousands of our students have used from our course to break into this amazing industry.

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Our students have been placed with top companies