Mar 22, 2024

Unlocking the Earnings Potential in Medical Device Sales: A Deep Dive into the 2021 Salary Report

In this session, we uncover the financial rewards and career growth opportunities in medical device sales, guided by the insights from the 2021 Salary Report provided by While the full report has transitioned to a subscription-based access, the highlights we discuss today remain a crucial benchmark for understanding the lucrative nature of this field.

Highlights from the 2021 Medical Device Sales Salary Report

Comprehensive Earnings Overview

  • Overall Average Income: Medical device sales professionals enjoyed an average income of $177,933 in 2021, blending base salary and commission.

Impact of Company Size on Salary

  • Large Companies (1,000+ employees): Offered an average income of $188,545, showcasing the financial stability provided by established corporations.
  • Midsize Companies (50-999 employees): Employees saw an average income of $180,730.
  • Small Companies (1-50 employees): Demonstrated competitive compensation, with an average income of $188,359.

Professional Demographics and Experience Insights

  • Educational Background: A notable 94% of survey participants held a 4-year degree.
  • Gender Representation: The industry comprised 71% men and 29% women.
  • Income Breakdown by Role:some text
    • Representative: $174,657
    • Manager: $224,257
    • VP: $245,655

Salary Growth with Experience

  • Under 2 Years: Entry-level positions averaged at $106,132.
  • 2-5 Years: Growth in experience correlated with earnings of $143,815.
  • 6-10 Years: Mid-career professionals earned $170,490.
  • 11-20 Years: Senior professionals enjoyed $209,260, highlighting the upward mobility within the industry.

The report also highlighted additional benefits such as car allowances, gas cards, insurance plans, 401k matches, tuition reimbursement, and maternity leave, underscoring the comprehensive compensation packages available in medical device sales.

Final Thoughts

This overview offers a glimpse into the financial and professional growth opportunities in medical device sales, emphasizing the sector's potential for lucrative earnings across various roles and experience levels.

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