Jul 4, 2024

Should You Use a Recruiter in Medical Device Sales? Insights with Alexander Frekey

In today's discussion, we're joined by Alexander Frekey, a former Medtronic teammate, who shares his recent experience with the hiring process in Medical Device Sales. 

Together, we explore the question: Should you use a recruiter when breaking into this industry? Let's dive into Alexander's insights and considerations.

Alexander’s Insights

1. Commission-Based Nature

Recruiters operate on commission, meaning they're incentivized to place candidates quickly. It's essential to recognize that they may be considering multiple candidates simultaneously.

2. Preference for Sales Experience

Recruiters often prioritize candidates with sales experience, as these candidates are perceived as more likely to meet client requirements and secure placements.

3. Varying Quality

Just like in any profession, there are both competent and less competent recruiters. It's crucial to discern between them and seek out recruiters who demonstrate expertise and genuine interest in your success.

4. Personal Investment

Look for recruiters who genuinely believe in your potential and are committed to your success, rather than treating you as just another candidate in their roster.

While recruiters can be beneficial, particularly for candidates with sales and clinical experience, those without such backgrounds may find more success through networking and relationship-building efforts. 

Ultimately, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons and choose the approach that aligns best with your unique circumstances and career goals.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the world of recruiters in Medical Device Sales requires careful consideration and discernment. Whether you choose to utilize their services or not, prioritize building meaningful connections and pursuing opportunities aligned with your career aspirations.

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