Mar 12, 2024

Leah Racz Talks About Being a Woman in Medical Device Sales

Today, we're excited to hear from Leah Racz about her journey as a woman navigating the traditionally male-dominated field of Medical Device Sales. This conversation is particularly meaningful to me as it shines a light on the unique challenges and victories women encounter in Medical Device Sales.

Leah remembers being the only woman among 300 sales reps and managers at her initial sales meeting, emphasizing the evident gender gap. She's encountered outdated perspectives, with certain surgeons bluntly expressing that Medical Device Sales is primarily for men. Despite these challenges, Leah hasn't just thrived; she's surpassed expectations, establishing new benchmarks and shattering barriers.

Leah's Advice for Women Wanting to Join Medical Device Sales

  1. Be Ready to Prove Yourself

Leah says women might have to work harder to show they're just as good as men in this field. It's about showing you're tough and ready for any challenge.

  1. Know Your Stuff

Being an expert in what you sell is crucial. This knowledge makes you confident and ready to handle any situation, showing everyone you mean business.

  1. Fit In But Stand Out

Learn how to get along in different situations while still being true to who you are. Leah's success comes from her ability to adapt while still making her mark.

  1. Believe in Yourself

It's important to know you've got what it takes. Confidence can make a huge difference in showing others you belong here.

Final Thoughts

Leah Racz's story serves as a source of inspiration, showcasing that with determination, expertise, adaptability, and confidence, women can not only enter but also excel and take leadership roles in Medical Device Sales.

Big thanks to Leah for sharing her experiences and tips with us! 

Her story is an inspiration for any woman looking to make it in Medical Device Sales.

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