Jul 8, 2024

Exploring Entry-Level Roles in Medical Device Sales: My Take

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz about the onsite specialist role and similar entry-level positions as gateways into Medical Device Sales. If you're new to these terms, these roles often require a bachelor's degree and involve working in hospitals, managing equipment during procedures, or ensuring hospitals have the supplies they need.

Typically, these jobs offer salaries under $45,000, come with modest benefits, and don't guarantee a path into medical device sales roles. Based on my experience, you might spend 1-2 years in such positions before possibly getting a shot at an Associate Sales Rep position, which itself could be another stepping stone lasting a couple of years until reaching a full Sales Rep role.

Here's My Perspective:

When I was offered these positions, I chose to pass. The idea of possibly spending 4-5 years to become a full-fledged rep, without any guarantees, didn't align with my goals. Plus, the financial aspect didn't add up for me. After taxes and living expenses, the take-home pay felt insufficient.

I believe a more strategic approach would be to pursue B2B sales roles where you can gain valuable sales experience and potentially earn more right out of the gate. Recruiters and medical device companies often favor candidates with proven sales success from companies like ADP, Enterprise, Cintas, and Paychex.

My Suggestion:

Keep networking and aim directly for an Associate Sales position or consider honing your sales skills in a B2B setting where you can also enjoy a better income.

But Remember:

There's no universally right or wrong choice here. The best path depends on your personal circumstances, goals, and what feels right for you.

Final Thoughts

Making informed decisions is key to advancing your career. Trust your judgment, and let’s navigate this journey together.

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