Apr 1, 2024

Decoding the Path to Medical Device Sales: Top 5 FAQs Answered

In the realm of medical device sales, the journey to breaking in and thriving within the industry is laden with questions. As I interact with aspiring professionals eager to navigate this competitive field, certain queries consistently arise. Today, I'm addressing the five most common questions I encounter, aiming to demystify the process and offer clarity.

1. Which Company is the Best to Work For?

Identifying the "best" company is subjective, as it largely depends on individual preferences, such as a desire to specialize in orthopedics, capital equipment, or another niche. While general rankings exist (a quick Google search for the top 30 medical device companies can provide a broad overview), the optimal fit varies. Whether you're drawn to the innovation of startups, the stability of established corporations, or the unique dynamics of distributors, networking remains the key to discovering where you'll thrive.

2. Should I Apply Online or Network?

While submitting applications online seems straightforward, it often yields minimal results, especially for candidates lacking direct sales experience. With hundreds vying for each position, standing out becomes a formidable challenge. Networking, conversely, offers a strategic advantage, enabling personal connections that can significantly elevate your candidacy beyond the impersonal realm of online applications.

3. What Degree is Required?

Big-name companies typically require a four-year degree, viewing it as a baseline qualification. However, for those without this credential, smaller firms and distributors often present viable paths into the industry, with less rigid educational prerequisites. The key is to align your search with organizations whose requirements match your academic background.

4. Who Should I Reach Out To?

The common inclination to connect with recruiters needs reevaluation. Recruiters, driven by the incentive to place candidates they deem most likely to secure positions, may not always prioritize those new to the field. Instead, targeting Associate Sales Reps, Territory Managers, and Regional/District Managers can prove more fruitful, as these contacts provide direct insights and potential entry points into the industry.

5. What's Your Advice for Aspiring Reps?

Beyond the wealth of information available through our free podcast series, which lays the groundwork for understanding the industry, those seeking accelerated entry and a competitive edge might consider our specialized course. Designed to streamline the transition into medical device sales, our program has facilitated rapid success for many, surpassing average entry-level earnings.

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