May 21, 2024

Being a Woman in Medical Device Sales with Roxy Tirado

Hey there, fellow dream chasers and achievers! Today, I want to dive into a recent conversation that really struck a chord with me. I had the privilege of chatting with Roxy Tirado, a seasoned professional in the field of medical device sales. Our discussion covered a range of topics, from breaking into the industry to navigating challenges and fostering success.

So, let's dive right in and explore some key takeaways from our conversation.

1. Breaking into Medical Device Sales

One of the first things we delved into was the journey of breaking into medical device sales. Roxy emphasized the importance of persistence and networking. She highlighted the need to go beyond just sending out resumes and actively engage in meaningful conversations with industry professionals. It's not just about getting a foot in the door; it's about making meaningful connections that can open doors to opportunities.

2. Overcoming Challenges

Next up, we talked about the challenges that come with being in a male-dominated industry. Roxy shared her experiences of maintaining professionalism, dealing with stereotypes, and the importance of having a tough skin. She reminded us that success often comes from being resilient, not taking things personally, and seeking support from mentors and peers.

3. Building a Support Network

Speaking of support, Roxy stressed the significance of building a strong support network. This includes seeking out mentors, learning from experienced professionals, and surrounding yourself with people who believe in your potential. Whether you're a seasoned rep or just starting out, having a solid support system can make a world of difference in your career growth.

4. Continuous Learning and Growth

One of the recurring themes in our conversation was the value of continuous learning and growth. Roxy emphasized the need to stay curious, ask questions, and never stop seeking new opportunities to improve and develop professionally. It's not just about reaching a certain milestone; it's about embracing a mindset of constant growth and improvement.

5. Gratitude and Celebration

Finally, we touched on the importance of gratitude and celebrating wins, big or small. Roxy highlighted the significance of acknowledging the contributions of others, expressing gratitude, and celebrating achievements along the way. Success is not a solo journey; it's about recognizing the efforts of those who support and empower us.

Final Thoughts

As I reflect on my conversation with Roxy, I'm reminded of the power of perseverance, resilience, and continuous learning. Breaking into medical device sales and thriving in such a competitive industry requires more than just technical skills; it demands a growth mindset, a supportive network, and a relentless drive to succeed.

So, to all the aspiring medical device sales professionals out there, remember this: embrace the journey, seek out mentors, build meaningful relationships, and never stop learning and growing. Success is not just about reaching the destination; it's about enjoying the ride and making a positive impact along the way.

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Dive deeper into the insights and wisdom shared by Roxy in our conversation, I highly recommend checking out the full podcast interview. You can listen to it on various platforms like YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify

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Until next time, keep chasing your dreams, stay resilient, and never lose sight of your goals.

Cheers to your success!

Jacob McLaughlin

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