Feb 24, 2023

Where Should You Apply? LinkedIn or the Company Website?

LinkedIn: The Networking Powerhouse

When it comes to networking and job hunting, LinkedIn is a game-changer. 

Why? Because it's not just about job postings; it's about connecting with real people already rocking it in the medical device sales world. These connections can be gold – offering insights, possibly nudging you towards job openings, or even championing your application.

Why Networking Matters

In the competitive realm of medical device sales, it's not always about ticking boxes on a computerized application system. It's about relationships. Having someone in your corner who can vouch for your skills and character can mean the difference between your application gathering dust and landing you an interview.

Getting Past the Hiring Hurdles

Let's face it – those automated hiring systems can be ruthless. Without the right keywords or specific experiences, your application might not even make it to human eyes. 

That's where networking shines. It's your secret weapon against the digital gatekeepers, giving you a fighting chance to showcase your potential.

A Personal Triumph

I've been there – facing rejection after rejection, feeling like my resume just wasn't cutting it. 

But through networking, I cracked the code. Despite initial setbacks, I landed multiple job offers from some of the top players in the medical device sales game. It's proof that sometimes, it's not about what's on paper, but who you know.

Final Thoughts

In the world of medical device sales, relationships matter. 

While submitting applications through the company website is crucial, don't underestimate the power of networking on platforms like LinkedIn. It's not just about landing a job; it's about forging connections that can shape your career journey.

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